Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesdays With Maggie

Normally I would be upset with myself for failing to get to this blog post until now-- I had intended to work on it about two or three hours ago. However, my nap lasted longer because in my haze of fatigue I set an 8 AM alarm rather than an 8 PM alarm. I don't usually like to take evening naps, but I clearly needed it! Oddly enough, my not being upset is because I had the best napping buddy a gal could wish for-- Maggie!

If I'm going to "oversleep," now is the best time. Each nap and moment of snuggles I share with her is a gift. I suppose it's funny it happened on the day I planned to blog about enjoying each moment and day like you may not have another. 

We haven't managed to check much off Maggie's bucket list yet, but we've at least made strides. Ever since I became a Whovian, I knew that I wanted a TARDIS cat tower. My step-dad had agreed to help me make one, but I never really knew when it would happen. It was one of those plans that I knew would eventually happen, but it might be a year or two before it came to fruition. It's not that my step-dad doesn't care, but life is complicated and busy-- for both of us. It doesn't help that we don't live near each other! 

After finding out Maggie was ill and there was nothing Jeff or I could do, I asked my step-dad about the cat tower. I told him it would be amazing if Maggie could be in a TARDIS before she died. Because he's the best step-dad ever (no joke), he agreed to start work on it. I had no idea he'd go out the very next day to purchase wood! Since asking less than a week ago, he's got a frame and two shelves (as of late afternoon today). 

If Maggie wasn't sick, this would not exist yet because I simply wouldn't have asked my step-dad to start work on it yet. Obviously I hate that Maggie's sick, but even in sickness, she's taught me a lesson. It's such a trite lesson, yet it's one that I still needed to learn. Life can be taken away at any moment (You'd think as a 28 year-old Doctor Who fan, I'd have figured this one out already-- the end of series two! All of the Donna episodes! Hello!). I can't just live out all my dreams and do as I wish at any given moment, but I should treasure each moment-- even the ones spent napping on the couch with Maggie. 

So aside from stepping into a TARDIS, what else is on Maggie's bucket list so far? 

  • Eat Grandma's ham and gravy on one of the "good" plates.
  • Take a trip to the park.
  • Take a trip in the car without the kennel.
  • Marriage equality becomes the law.  

Maggie apparently has her own bucket list. So far I've only figured out two items which isn't bad considering she's a cat, and I only recently discovered its existence. Number one appears to be the standard item of passing down knowledge to friends and family. 

She appears to be teaching Purrcy to how to properly pose. 

I'm pretty sure world domination is legitimately on the list. Thankfully I do not have photographic evidence of the events that led to what is clearly a post-domination chat and modest celebration. 

As members of a CSA we find ourselves in possession of a box of wonderful goodies each week. After moving items from the box to the fridge last Thursday, I noticed Maggie hop into the box. I didn't think anything of it even though it was on the stove top. The counter top region is typically off limits, but I'm much more forgiving because of the cancer. I was also much more forgiving upon noticing that she started to pee in the box. Instead of my normal, "Damn it, Maggie!" I put my hands on my hips, and offered up a "Maggieeeee." We threw the box outside to take care of later as we had dinner plans. We didn't think about the incident again until Sunday evening. 

I was innocently chopping up kohlrabi while wondering why there was a steadily increasing level of some strange odor. Just as I asked Jeff if he smelled it, I noticed a weird residue on one of the drip pans. "What is that?" I asked. 

After a slight pause, Jeff, with either a hint of uncertainty or concern or both, said, "It's not Maggie's pee is it?"

I essentially exploded. "Oh my God! Yes, that's what it is. Oh my God." I then left the room as the smell had become unbearable at this point. Jeff somehow managed to get the stove turned off, the drip pan outside, fans blowing, and the screen door open. 

Once the smell dissipated, it dawned on me that Maggie had figured out how to weaponize her pee. I have absolutely no idea how it happened (other than she obviously managed to get her humans to essentially boil her pee) because we double checked the stove after the initial incident. Maybe she has invisible pee? But holy hell, if cats want to take over, they should figure out how to get their humans to cook their pee.   

So Maggie is certainly living her life to the fullest! We'll see you next week with more updates on the cat tower!

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