Friday, April 18, 2014

Breakfast Tacos

I've been away for a bit because I haven't been baking. Apparently several of my sweet treat loving friends celebrate lent, and most of them gave up sweet treats. If no one but Jeff and I can enjoy it, why bake it?

I haven't gotten back into baking yet, but Jeff and I did come up with our own version of breakfast tacos.

Ever since we found this green egg recipe, it's been a staple in our lunch rotation. It's especially helpful since I've moved toward a more pescatarian/flexitarian diet. I know, I know. The eggs have cholesterol in them too. However, in my opinion it's a better cholesterol than your standard bacon cholesterol that comes with a healthy dose of several other items. My move away from meat is partially an ethical move too. I'm not sure if I'll ever be a full blown vegetarian... but I digress.

While perusing Pinterest the other day, I found a breakfast taco recipe involving eggs, asparagus, and some sort of chive, ricotta cheese sauce. I do not do ricotta cheese. It's a texture thing. At first I thought I'd swap out the chives and ricotta sauce for a bit of basil and freshly shaved Parmesan. But then it hit me! Green egg tacos!

Keep in mind, these was created almost on the fly. So it lacks color other than the obvious greens. If we were to do it again, we'd make sure to have tomatoes or peppers or whatever else suited our fancy at the moment, on hand to give it some extra color and maybe even enhance the flavor of the asparagus. 

Want to make these?

For two people:
1. 4 eggs
2. 1 cup of spinach, baby spinach, or kale
3. 4 basil leaves
4. A handful of asaparus
5. Fresh Parmesean cheese
6. Taco toppings of your choice
7. Not a vegetarian? Throw in some ham or bacon or sausage!

Blend the eggs, greens of your choice, and basil leaves in a blender, and then scramble 'em up! While the eggs are cooking, prepare your asparagus as you wish-- we steamed it, but next time we plan to roast it for ten minutes with some garlic. Once everything is cooked, assemble your tacos!

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