Friday, August 2, 2013

You Know How They Say You Always Turn Into Your Mother...

Well, it's true. Even for cats. At least in this household. As you know, Maggie suffers from anxiety. Instead of crying or going into freak out mode, she over-grooms. Thank God that's all she does. She could be shitting everywhere. I love Maggie, baldness and all, but her anxiety is not taken lightly in this household. Even though her chosen outlet does not disturb Jeff or me, we know anxiety is real, even for cats. It probably helps that we know people with anxiety and another well-loved family cat with behavioral issues. Just like with humans, anxiety can manifest physically. We don't want this to happen to Maggie for two reasons: A. More health issues means more money spent at the vet's office. B. Those physical problems can shorten her life span, and I would prefer she live forever.  I'm serious. I know she can't live forever, but she better be here for a really long time! I mean look at this face! How could you not want her forever?!

So, on our quest to ease Maggie's anxiety, we've tried pretty much everything: medicine, pheromone diffusers, prescription food, toys, placing multiple food bowls around the house to coax out her hunting instincts and provide stimulation... heck, she even has a leash for trips outside! I've also rubbed homeopathic oils on her fur (yes, it is safe). It all works to a point. Her belly is still bald, and she's started pulling from her legs. So, a few days ago we adopted another cat. At first it might sound counter-intuitive. But it's not, or at least it's not supposed to be anyway. The new kitten is supposed to give Maggie something to do while Jeff and I are off at work.

We chose a young male kitten. His name is Purrcy.

Now, there is no definitive answer as to whether it will help Maggie (this is according to the Internet and of course, our vet). But our hope is her mothering instincts will kick in, and she will show the little guy the ropes as well as have someone to keep her company during the day and therefore not pull out her own hair.

So far, it's gone as you might expect. Purrcy wants to play with Maggie, but she is not having it. She's swatted at him a few times, hissed, growled. And then there was my breakdown this morning. Through my tears all I could really say was, "Maggie hates me. I miss my Maggie." Or it was something like that. Don't get me wrong. Purrcy is one cool dude. Plus, I would save every stray cat if I could. If I was rich, I would totally build a shelter with space to play, and there would be plenty of windows for the cats to enjoy nature from afar. But Maggie is my gal. She's my napping buddy. She's my grad school pal. I may have deleted what she typed, but she nonetheless always tried to help me with my papers. She's this gal's best friend!

They (mostly cat people and the Internet) say it will all work out in time. For now, Purrcy is chillaxing in the other room with all of Maggie's old toys (She's too cool for them now. I mean she is an adult now.) until he it's time for his next "recess" with Maggie. Here's hoping it works out!

Stay tuned for updates. Maybe next time I'll have a photo of them together! *fingers crossed*

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