Saturday, August 17, 2013

Having Cats Is Kind of Like Having Kids...

Cats require far less maintenance than human children, but they certainly seem to have similar qualities. For instance, Maggie may not want anything to do with me, but as soon as I get on the phone, she's bounding toward me trying to "talk" to whoever (usually my mom) is on the other end of the phone. Now that we have two cats, the similarities are even more striking. Sharing is a HUGE deal. Maggie doesn't like sharing. Although I think she's made a secret deal with Purrcy-- "I'll let you live in my house if you let me eat your food. Don't worry. You can have my food." Why on Earth she wants to eat his less expensive kitten food... the mysteries of cat children. Despite their sharing issues, I'm glad to say our house is a happier one since the last time I posted about our new addition.

Maggie seems to be warming up to Purrcy... slowly. At least it's something. I think things would be a lot easier if they would actually "listen" to each other. Purrcy is only seven months old, and he's used to being around other kittens and cats. All he wants to do is play with Maggie. He follows her around like she's a rock star (she kind of is!). Maggie doesn't see it like that though. She's like the teenage version of my brother who got super annoyed because all I wanted to do was hang out with him (P.S. My brother was and is amazing. He did hang out with me a lot, but I could be a rather annoying little sister, especially when he was trying to hang out with his friends). Of course, I never understood why he didn't want to hang out or play games with me. Purrcy is like that younger version of myself. His Maggie-butt-sniffing is essentially equivalent to me following my brother around asking non-stop questions. And Maggie's hissing is my brother doing whatever he did to get me to leave him alone (I don't remember what he did to get me to stop pestering him... hmmm.).

I think my ability to compare situations is a sign of hope. Someday soon Maggie will finally realize Purrcy is following her not because he's annoying but because he thinks she's the bees knees. And someday Purrcy will realize he just needs to give Maggie a little space. Either way, I love these two furballs. Maggie will always be my gal (even if she only begrudgingly takes part in photo shoots)!

And Purrcy is keeping me young and on my toes.  He even has a hint of mischievousness in that cute little napping smile! "I'm totally going to chew on her new Sperry's!*"

Lord help me when I actually start popping out human babies! For now, these two will do!

*I originally typed new shoes, but just as I was finishing up this post, he actually started chewing on my brand new Sperry's. A string is a string with this kid. 

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