Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesdays With Maggie

I believe in working out. It soothes the soul, and burns off all those calories from my tasty treats. But it was a bit odd (at least to me) when Maggie appeared to take a liking to working out... or at least my treadmill.

Ever since the treadmill arrived, she's been fascinated. First she watched me run, and then she tried to run with me. Or maybe she just wanted my attention. Either way, I had to remove her from the treadmill three times. Thankfully it was running yet! Her fascination continues to grow (and simultaneously scare me... something tells me if she were to hop on while I was running her nimble cat-self would escape with every whisker and hair in tack, but I would be smashed against the wall and broken into multiple pieces)...

I managed to catch her really pondering the idea... It's as if she's thinking, "How can I make it go?" Of course once she realized she couldn't reach or make the leap up safely...

She decided to rest. Even if Maggie didn't manage to work out, there's still a lesson to be learned. If Maggie can at least make an attempt to try and use a treadmill, maybe we all should try to jog on a treadmill or a ride a bike or even just go for a walk.


  1. Omggg, cats are such magnificent creatures! We took a stray in for a while until we figured out where we could place her so she wouldn't have to be put down because she was FIV+. Unfortunately, I'm allergic and we don't wanna adopt a kitten until we know we'll have the means to keep it well groomed, our living space superclean, and the cabinet stocked with allergy medicine. Sooo, just know I'm vicariously living through your cat ownership!

    Maggie's such a cutie. I'm under the impression that she doesn't need to exercise (or do much of anything) to charm your heart!

    Have you been exercising regularly enough for you liking? I know you've been pretty enthusiastic about keeping up with it!

    1. Hey! I have mostly been exercising as much as I want... I had to take a few days off for health reasons, but other than that I've been doing okay.

      And live vicariously all you want! You'll have to meet Maggie sometime. She really is my best friend! She's the most lovable cat I've ever met! I really do think she thinks she's a dog, haha.