Monday, July 20, 2015

CSA Week 9

Our CSA group took a brief break which happened to coincide with our "break." Jeff had to switch shifts for a week, and it threw us both for a loop. We only had dinner together on a regular basis for about a year of our seven years together, and even then it was literally just dinner. Various life events and new apartment locations made dinner together nearly impossible until my hip surgery. When you're forced to use a walker for a month, you almost need your husband to come home for dinner. And then, it meant going into work early. Needless to say, last week was weird. I don't adjust well to such schedule shifts either. My body basically says, "No." We had dinner plans, but they almost never worked out.

We had a lovely box though, and we did manage to make a few items. My step-dad got a belated father's day gift from the cucumbers. 

We used a simple three-day refrigerator dill pickle recipe. This is our first time making pickles, and I think it was a success (Jeff did most of the work on this one because I loathe the smell of pickles and pickles in general!). Of course, I only did a smell test since I don't eat pickles. Jeff said the thinner sliced one are better. If we make them again, one of us might use the mandolin to get a thinner slice. Overall, at least as far as I know, this recipe is solid.

Jeff also put together a salsa. It was supposed to be used for various meals throughout the week, but Jeff ended up munching on it because of our lack of dinners. 

We still have extra tomatoes so he's going to whip up another batch for this week. I'm quite excited! Next week I'll post the salsa recipe along with other interesting concoctions we make now that we're back into the groove (We made a vegetarian version of a Pioneer Woman pasta recipe today, but I forgot to take a picture :( It was so yummy! If we ever make it again, I'll be sure to snap a picture so I can share our modifications.)!

I'll see you tomorrow for Tuesdays with Maggie, and I'll see you next week with CSA creations and recipes using week 9's box! 

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