Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Adventures of My Hair...

You read that correctly. My hair and I take adventures. I'm not really the adventurous sort, but I get bored with my hair. Sometimes I just get sick of it. So I chop it off. It's a very cyclical pattern. So maybe it's not so adventurous. Either way, I still think my latest chop was rather... well adventerous. Sorry. My brain just isn't working as well today, and I don't feel like a trip to my thesaurus. And yes, I know they exist online, but I'm feeling that lazy. Regardless...

This is my standard look minus a bit of the blonde. And look at the dashing young fellow!

I used to just let Leslee, my hair stylist, who is by far the best I've ever had, do whatever she pleased when I came in wanting to cut it off. To some degree I still let her do whatever she wants. She is the expert after all. I may be biased though...  my hair is basically her hair. She's been cutting it since I was four or five, and she's been dying it since I was in college! I'm pretty sure she knows more about my hair than I do. Seriously though, if you want a rocking haircut and dye job, you should go see Leslee. She even uses animal and environment friendly products! Anywho... I found Pinterest and visited Leslee, which lead to this...

The Pinterest photo inspired Leslee (P.S. That vacuum cleaner in the background is amazing. You should get one.). She tailored everything to my face and skin tone because she's a pro.

I loved it! But because my hair grows so fast, the textured ends started to drive me nuts. I'm not one to visit the salon every four weeks. What can I say? I'm lazy! I like low-maintenance hair. BUT. And this is one very big BUT. I have a bucket list... which includes really chopping my hair off. So with the help of a photo and Leslee's skills and imagination, I got this.

This is the shortest my hair has been since the time my mom made Leslee give me... well, I call it bowl cut. It was the worst haircut of my life (Sorry, mom!). I don't blame them. I was in Kindergarten, and my mom didn't know what to do with my hair. I'd probably do the same thing. Thankfully, this one is super cute! Sexy even? I think so. Jeff even likes it!

To some of you this might seem like a lame adventure (and I may seem plain Jane, but you didn't know me when I had bright red streaks in my hair!), but for me it's a bold one. It's the first time I've gone short in awhile. It's the first time I've gone short and actually liked it. It's not that Leslee ever gave me bad haircuts. I just didn't know what the hell I was doing.  I could never recreate the magic at home. Hell, I only started using a curling iron three years ago... and I still barely use it. I'm not a wash and go gal, but I'm not one to spend hours on my hair.

So what's next? Growing it all back out! It's what we (Leslee and I) do. Hair is supposed to be fun. Every time I sit in her chair, it's an adventure. I may not travel or try exotic foods, but I (with the help of a professional) I experiment with my hair. So for now, I'll just mess with the color when I'm able to fit in a trip to Leslee. And a year or two from now, I'm sure I'll be right back where I am now.


  1. Your hair transformations have been bold and beautiful! I'm thrilled that you're loving your new 'do. I'll bet you're enjoying how much less time it takes to tame those tresses for the day. I don't possess the courage to hack all my hair off, so for now I'll live vicariously through your hair adventures, for sure! Looks great!

  2. Believe it or not, at a certain point, long hair is easier! Before I cut it off, I barely had to take a flat iron to it. But I like the change... for now!