Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day... 19

Yes, I had to look up how many days it had been since I vowed to stop drinking Fazolis Mr. Pibb. Maybe that's a good sign... or maybe it's a sign I haven't been blogging enough! Either way, I'm on Day 19, and it sucks, sort of.

At first it was incredibly difficult. I tried anything to get my hands on the beautiful, Mr. Pibb filled yellow Styrofoam cup.

Seriously, I tried anything. I asked... I begged... I bribed! BUT I am proud to say in these nineteen days I've only had about... well, I don't remember how many. I know that I can count them on one hand, maybe one and a half. Not too shabby... I was drinking two to three a day!

This journey is actually quite bizarre. My palate is actually changing or perhaps adjusting rather. So, for those who thought I was crazy... I'm not! According to a very trusted and educated source (my therapist!), I actually fine-tuned my palate. I could tell the difference between fountain Mr. Pibb, bottled Mr. Pibb, canned Mr. Pibb, and differences in syrup to carbonation ratios at different restaurants! Now I'm on the other side-- my palate is... generalizing? Un-fine-tuning?

Whatever you prefer to call it, my palate is adjusting to canned Mr. Pibb. It's starting to taste good again, but on the semi-rare occasion I'm able to con a Mr. Pibb from Jeff, I still enjoy it... along with a feeling of dumping toxic waste down my throat. I suppose that's a good thing, for this journey at least.

And of course, I'm still saving money... I'll see you soon iPad!

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