Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 1: Fazolis Mr. Pibb No More... Saving My Way to an iPad

As you, my avid readers, know I love Mr. Pibb. I've blogged many a time about Mr. Pibb and its comings and goings throughout my days. It is perhaps my biggest vice, especially when it flows from a fountain into a giant Styrofoam cup. It's only found at a few locations, one of which is just a short drive from my apartment... Fazolis! Ah yes, the delicious, medium, 2.16 cent Mr. Pibb from Fazolis. But I need to give it up. That's right. I typed it. I've even said it. Fazolis Mr. Pibb, I bid you farewell. Why?

I want this...

An iPad! Besides, Fazolis Mr. Pibb costs me about 30 bucks a week. That's a lot for Mr. Pibb.

So, can I do it? Let's hope so... even if I have to tape pictures of iPads on every mirror and surface I own.

Wish me luck! Or send me a donation :)

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