Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mr. Pibb vs. Pibb Xtra

According to Wikipedia (thank God my students don't read my blog as Wikipedia is a hideous source), in 2001 Mr. Pibb received a little spice: cinnamon. So, I admit, it is just a little different than it was before, BUT why does this mean we have to call it Pibb Xtra? I for one, won't ever be calling it that. See, I won't even refer to it as that again. It's Mr. Pibb.

Seriously, it's Mr. Pibb. We as human beings are constantly changing, but we don't change our names ever time we add something to our mix (unless you're a little kooky like my father). So, why should Mr. Pibb? I have grown, shrunk, dyed my hair, cut my hair, grown out my hair, painted my nails, changed toothpaste, had four pair of glasses, changed majors, became lactose intolerant, and switched anti-depressants like a woman pms-ing changes clothes before work. Not once did I change my name, and I certainly didn't change my name when I added a little more serotonin action to my brain chemistry.

So tell me, those of you who disagree, how is that any different than Mr. Pibb adding a pinch of cinnamon?

Besides, I can't even notice the cinnamon.

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