Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesdays with Maggie

Maggie is a natural predator. Her preferred victims are birds, but she is not allowed outside (and that is a whole other story!). So, what is a cat, namely Maggie, to do? 

Find a new victim. And who is this victim you may ask? Well, I was just about to tell you, and then Maggie sat on me and the laptop. Of course after several minutes of attempting to type with her ass in my face, she has finally moved. So, where were we? Her new victim. 


Bugs. Yes, that's right bugs. Take away one hunt and one protein, replace it with another hunt and another protein. Hence, the bugs. 

You're probably wondering where the lesson lies in all of this kitty cat bug hunting. Well...

1. Exercise (hunting is an outlet I suppose) is always important.
2. Protein is important. Maggie may not be a vegetarian, but she knows if you take away one source of protein, you should replace with another, even if it means eating bugs. 

*These photos are from her latest expedition. I believe the latest victim was a moth.

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