Thursday, May 28, 2015

CSA Week 2

I'm a bit late, but we are in the middle of moving so things are a tad bit crazy. If you saw the update from the last blog you know our second week was a pretty good one.

We got chives, green garlic, spinach, a spring lettuce mix, radishes, strawberries, and bok choy. I was incredibly excited about the bok choy, but because we haven't adjusted to a schedule of getting new produce on a Thursday, it wilted by the time we got to it. I was hoping to grill it, but... I'll just have to try it this week because our new box had a bit of baby bok choy snuck in with the spring mix!

In terms of how this box went, I'd say okay. It was a solid box, but I just wasn't a fan of the recipes we tried. The spinach went to good use though-- I love green eggs (we use this recipe minus the ham)! Who wouldn't love eggs that are chock full of nutritious spinach that still taste like regular scrumptious eggs?! 

Overall, joining the CSA has been a money saver so far. Right now we are getting a ton of greens which is in no way a problem, especially since good salad greens and kales are quite expensive at the grocery store. The green garlic is useful too. It can be used in unique ways (including a green garlic soup that I was not a fan of at all), but we've mostly used it in place of fully matured garlic. 

Shopping at the Farmer's Market is also quite helpful. This past week was quite the week too. We hit up the market and then went strawberry picking. As a kid I was not exposed to this wondrous task. Even as an adult, I thought I hated strawberries. As it turns out, I VERY much LOVE them. 

I was not lying. The top flat is from the market-- they are my freezing berries. The bottom two are from a solid hour of hard work in a field. If I had picked much longer, Jeff would have physically carried me away! I'm not even that good at it-- Jeff goes twice as fast since he grew up on a farm, and an older couple flew right past me! I like to think I'm just thorough, but I'm just a city gal who is hasn't quite mastered the art of quickly picking berries. But who cares? At the end of the day, I had all of these to eat (some did end up in a cobbler)! 

I also picked up some crooked neck squash at the market-- it turned into a lovely bread. It's not even wildly unhealthy (the initial recipe calls for white chocolate chips, but I just left them out). 

It's good on its own, and I'm hoping to use some of it for French Toast topped with a fresh strawberry syrup. 

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