Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Back... Hopefully

Hello blogosphere. Welcome to my medicated life, a life where I drop off the face of the earth as I experience a medicated haze. But I'm back now, and off the Seroquel- I couldn't take the almost never-ending sleep.

Word to the wise, if you weigh a mere 100ish pounds, Seroquel may not be the sleep remedy for you. If you dare try it, stay on the look out for excessive sleeping, not realizing you're sleeping way too much, and a "funny feeling" you refuse to describe or just can't describe. There are probably other things to watch out for, but I have no memory of them... sorry!

Later, peeps.

Maggie is on vacation this week. I know it's sad! But she got tired of carrying the blog while I was sleeping. A week off is fair I do believe.

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