Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Still Martin

Sometimes I wonder... well about a lot of things. My current, or at least semi-current quandary is what to do about my last name. I recently had the perfect wedding ceremony with the more than perfect person. He is the love of my life, I mean I did marry him. But the ceremony was a rather feministized (Yes, I made up that word- but I'm allowed to do that because I'm cool) ceremony. There was no obeying or kissing of the bride. There was sand between our toes, a sunset, a few sprinkles, crying during our perfectly crafted wedding vows, a Bible quote for my mom, and kissing of the bride AND the groom.

Now that it's official I still struggle with my name... keep it or hyphenate? I've been a Martin since before I was ever even a blip in my parents' brains. Despite it's lackluster and boring state, I like my last name. It's mine. Sure I can hyphenate and professionally remain my Martin self, but that's just so complicated. It proved complicated when we received several checks for weddings gifts. I guess they didn't get the memo I hadn't changed my last name. Apparently you can't deposit a check if your name doesn't match... even with wedded bliss written proof in hand.

So, one probably thinks well, Julie, fuck it-keep your name. But of course things get even more complicated- they always do with me. Sure the answer is easy... until one starts to think about our child filled future. So I have two choices: 1. Constantly receive checks written out for a person that doesn't exist and deal with a hyphenated mess of a last name. 2. Constantly explain yes, these our my children. Yes, my biological children. No it's Ms. Martin. Yes, they're mine.

Oh, quandaries. At least I have a little while before I absolutely must decide!

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