Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You've Crossed the Line Mr. O'Reilly

As most of you know I'm a flaming liberal when it comes to women's rights, equality, sex, and various other so-called moral issues.  Needless to say, I'm not Bill O'Reilly's biggest fan, unless of course he's saying, "Fuck it. We'll do it live." So, when I saw his latest opinion I felt quite enraged...

I'm not naive. I know women have sex while they're "blasted." I did go to college after all.

However, Bill, I have never once forgotten to take my birth control because I was intoxicated. In fact, I specifically chose to take my birth control in the morning when I was less likely to forget to take it. My mom thought this was odd because I take the rest of my medicine at night, but once I explained it to her, I do believe she thought I made a responsible decision. Oh, and Bill, just a side note-- I've only forgotten to take my birth control three times in six years. That's three pills out of Lord knows how many. I've forgotten to take other medicine before... and I was sober. I'm not sure I know anyone who has never ever in their entire life forgotten to take at least one pill or dose of medication.

Also, Bill, to be incredibly cliche, it takes two to tango. Me and my lady friends cannot have sex if we don't have a man (or a woman... but something tells me you like to pretend that doesn't happen). Are the men we are having drunken sex with not at all to blame? First, we didn't force them to have sex. Second, it's not our fault men have very few birth control methods and women have more than I can count.

And finally, dear naive Bill... or should I say asshole Bill? Most of my sex was not while I was "blasted." I was usually quite sober, and I imagine other women have sex while sober too. You may not believe this either, but most of the premarital sex I had was during a monogamous relationship... with my fellow monogamous boyfriend in case you wanted to try and assume otherwise. And when I was blasted (which by the way, you could have picked a way cooler term... inebriated, smashed, shwasted., sloshed... three sheets to the wind?) I was having sex with, drum roll please, my monogamous boyfriend... and eventually I did it with my husband!

So, Bill, what have we learned? You'll probably deny it, but you should have learned that women are more responsible than you give them credit for. Yes, there are women who do stupid, stupid things, like have unprotected sex or don't use any other form of birth control. But, that's not all of us, Bill. And just because women take on most of the responsibility of ensuring a pregnancy does not occur and carry the babies when accidents happen doesn't mean the blame should fall completely on us. Babies have mom and dad's DNA.

As for your opposition to the government paying for birth control... I'd like it if they did. It's quite pricy, and my husband and I aren't quite ready to take on the responsibility of a child. It's not that we don't want an adorable look-alike running around, but it takes money we don't have yet.

Also, it is kind of strange that my birth control costs more than my Xanax... especially since Xanax can be quite dangerous and even addictive, while birth control on the other hand, well it prevents babies from being made, which means less of those scary and apparently sinful abortions.

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