Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oops. I Lived in Sin

I recently read a blog post about the benefits of not "living in sin." Apparently waiting to share the inner sanctum of one's bathroom gives your marriage a little something special. This kind of special has nothing to do with God or Jesus either.  It's more about ooey gooey, super secret, special feelings.

As someone who has shacked up with a very cute boy before exchanging I dos and is now married to that boy, I'm not sure what this blogger was talking about... I feel pretty ooey gooey.  Besides, my mom said living with Jeff would be different after we got married.

Once again, my mom was right.  Will she ever be wrong again?  I digress.  Living with boyfriend Jeff is much different than living with husband Jeff.  We've lived together for about month (We've been married for a year... long story and not pertinent), and we, or at least I, feel like now that were married and living together we share an extra kernel of something so special it's almost indescribable.  I think it has to do with the feeling of permanence... there's always someone to go home to or someone to come home to you.

Plus, girlfriend Julie wouldn't dare tell boyfriend Jeff she hated the way he hung his towel... and boyfriend Jeff never would have told girlfriend Julie her Buddha canvas was stupid.  He would have let me hang it anywhere I wanted without saying a word.  But we're married.  Jeff still let me hang the canvas--right above our bed no less-- but I know he thinks it's stupid.  Now that's love--super special ooey gooey love.

He hates my 1972 Women's Liberation poster too, but he said I could put it wherever I wanted, even in the blank space near the Buddha canvas... I've relegated it to the office.  What can I say?  I can only torture him so much.

I don't get my super cute mosquito net either. I can't complain though because like I said, we sleep under a rainbow colored Buddha canvas.

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