Friday, November 19, 2010

Books, Books, and... a Rant About a Book

Origin of Species. I must admit I have never read it in its totality. However, I still respect it as an epic piece of writing. I mean evolution? Come on.

So, for my latest video blog, it was one of the books I recommended. I'll let you watch, then I shall continue with further commentary below...

So, now you have all three of my recommendations. On to my rant.

Oh, the 150th Anniversary copy of Origin of Species. Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron went much too far. What asshats. I can respect a disbelief in evolution. HOWEVER, taking advantage of public domain, and writing an introduction to Darwin's Origin of Species that attempts to refute evolution (rather poorly) is disrespectfully ballsy. They basically shit on Origin of Species.

I get it. They're Christian. Except, I don't claim any sort of Christian beliefs, but I do in fact like the Bible (P.S. I also think you can be Christian and totally dig evolution). I even blogged about why it's a good and important read. So, if I ever found a version with a brief refutation, I'd be mighty pissed. Really doing this to any writing or book is just plain wrong.

How as a "moral" person could you ever do such a thing? Me thinks God (if he or she exists) not approve.

Why do I have a copy if I disdain the idea so much? A. I'm keeping it from people who would throw away a good book or be vulnerable enough to think that what Ray and Kirk did was okay. B. I got a free copy of a bad ass book... minus the introduction of course!

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